Owner and Chief Revenue Officer of SimuTech Group, Katie Lally, has been named on the Power 50 Technology list for 2022.

This Power 50 Technology list includes individuals who help give Rochester, NY its reputation as a hotbed of innovation and technology. Ben Jacobs, Associate Publisher and Editor for the RBJ says, “the people on this list are leading innovative companies, incorporating new technologies into highly complex work, providing expert support to other companies in the community, championing local start-ups, and more. They have not only kept their companies moving forward throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic but in most cases have accelerated the innovative trajectories their organizations were already on.”

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Katie Lally, Owner and President of SimuTech Group

Katie Lally

Owner & Chief Revenue Officer
SimuTech Group, Inc.

Katie Lally

Owner & Chief Revenue Officer, SimuTech Group, Inc.

Years in current role: 2

What do you enjoy most about your role? At SimuTech I am surrounded by incredibly intelligent people, particularly our engineers, so I am constantly learning new things. We partner with the world’s leading engineering simulation software company, Ansys, so we represent the best there is to offer. Ansys software and our services allow us to help our customers develop life-changing products that are truly making a difference in the world. So, what do I enjoy most about my role? I get the privilege of being a leader at a company with tons of smart employees, work with the best-in-class technology and get to truly make a difference in the world alongside our customers!

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve dealt with over the past year? All companies developing or using new technology are in need of Electrical Engineers based on where the world is headed. They are essential to our business, as all products are becoming smart and connected, so they are in high demand across the industry! Hiring and retaining them, as a result, has proven difficult. They are highly sought-after, so they’re difficult to find and come with a high price tag as so many companies need them. Once on board they are often poached by other companies that are in need as well. As a result, we are constantly evaluating what we can do to find and retain these talented engineers!

What has been your organization’s biggest success over the past year? Our biggest success over the last year has been navigating growing pains as a company. On average, our annual headcount growth rate has been 13% since 2017, and we’re not slowing down. As we continue to grow both in size and revenue, we have to constantly evaluate what’s working and what’s not, make appropriate changes and try new things. Over the last year in particular we added several new key roles as well as a Director level at our company in order to meet organizational and personnel needs. A key focus as we navigate our growth has been to maintain our precious company culture, which I believe we are effectively doing!