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Optics and Lighting Optimization | Ansys SPEOS Webinar:

With Ansys SPEOS optics and lighting optimization, engineers can quickly and easily combine lighting performance modeling with extensive, optical element libraries with corresponding optimization capabilities.


Designing Double-Surface Refractive Optical Elements

In this webinar, our engineers present and discuss a technique for building optical elements that, in the case of an extended light source, produce prescribed non-axisymmetric irradiance distributions from two freeform refracting surfaces.

The technique is based on the bicubic spline description of the optical surfaces and the subsequent quasi-Newton method optimization of their parameters.

Expanding Optics and Lighting Optimization

We provide an effective variation of the ray tracing approach for the quick calculation of the merit function. We create optical components that produce consistent square-shaped irradiance distributions in the far- and near-field using the suggested methodology.

The planned components are incredibly small (the height-to-source ratio is only 1.5). In addition, provide highly uniform distributions while offering a high illumination efficiency of 89%. (the ratio between minimum and average irradiance values in the prescribed square-shaped region exceeds 0.9).

Inverse Design Difficulties for Optical Elements

In fact, from a theoretical standpoint, inverse difficulties of constructing optical elements operating with extended light sources are much more difficult than the comparable point-source problems.

Only a few methods, such feedback design strategies, have been suggested to address these issues. This comprises edge-ray approaches and methods that can be referred to as “direct optimization methods” (since they utilize the edge-ray principle for controlling the generated distribution).

The feedback design approaches start with a point-source solution and progressively modify it to fit a genuine extended light source.

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