Analyzing Shock in Ansys Workbench

Analyzing Shock in Ansys Sherlock | EM Simulation in Ansys

This Ansys webinar discusses how to analyze using Ansys Workbench when structures are subjected to a vibration shock design specification.  DfR Solutions created the software program Sherlock Automated Design Analysis to evaluate, rank, and certify the anticipated reliability of goods at the circuit card assembly level.

In addition, engineers can utilize Ansys Sherlock to obtain time-to-failure life forecasts at the component, board, and system levels in the early design stages.


Designing PCBAs  for Analyzing Shock, Vibration, and Thermal Conditions

Sherlock is the first physics-based engineering simulation tool that offers quick and precise life forecasts for electronic hardware at the component, board, and system levels during the early design stages.

The modal response or natural frequencies of the printed circuit board assembly may be the most crucial parameter (PCBA). A PCBA’s “natural frequencies” offer important information about the assembly’s vibrational behavior.


Anticipating Load Frequencies

To determine the modal response of a circuit board assembly both by itself and when placed in its enclosure, use Ansys Sherlock and Ansys Mechanical. The frequency response can then be modified during design iterations so that it is outside of the anticipated load frequencies.

In addition to analyzing shock, core features of Ansys Sherlock includes:

  • ECAD to FEA and ECAD to CFD translation in seconds
  • Determining the time-to-failure for a full PCBA, right down to the individual parts and connections
  • Using stressors (electrical, thermal, and mechanical) to predict the lifespan of a product
  • Ansys Workbench, Ansys Icepak, Ansys Mechanical, and Ansys LS-DYNA integration without a hitch

Sherlock is a software program for reliability engineering that draws on the data generated by CAE tools to deliver the time-to-failure forecasts required for design decisions. By minimizing physical prototyping and testing, it shortens the time to market.

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