Ansys Maxwell Electromagnetics Applications

Electromagnetics Application in Ansys Maxwell | Official Webinar:

In this official Ansys Webinar, professional engineers will provide an extensive review of electromagnetic applications using Ansys Maxwell.


Ansys Maxwell Electromagnetic Application via Field Simulation

In this course, engineers may study and improve electromagnetic fields in drive technology and energy transfer with Ansys Maxwell.

Additionally, Ansys Maxwell  provides the industry’s best 3D simulation tool for the visualization, analysis, and optimization of electromagnetic fields used in the creation of various devices.  Including, that of electric machines, electromagnets, sensors, transformers, solenoid valves, high-voltage switchgear, and inductors.

Moreover, in terms of industry application, it is also simple to analyze and optimize electromagnetic fields used in motor technology and energy transfer.

Application of Electromagnetics

Learn how to quickly model and simulate magnets, coils, and other objects using magnetostatics and magneto dynamics.

Additionally, it doesn’t matter if the task involves linear drives for automation technology.  That is, actuators and clutches for automotive applications, inductive charging for electric vehicles, guides and gates for sorting systems, permanent magnet brakes, or sensors for rotor blade pitch regulation.  As it is, all related fields will be covered in this course.

Benefits of EMAG Application:

  • Learning processes for a variety of magnetostatics and magneto dynamics-related tasks.
  • Modeling of ferromagnetic materials using linear and nonlinear methods.
  • Eddy current and loss, force, and torque simulation.
  • Use the Maxwell Fields Calculator to get results that you specify.

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